The first time I had this easy but oh-so-tasty salad was when my Mom’s good friend Lies made it for a braai we went to. Admittedly it’s not the sexiest looking salad but all is forgiven once you dig in. It’s best made the day before (or a couple of days before but let’s keep it real, who honestly thinks about making a salad two days in advance?) so that gives you plenty of time to get your act together in time for braai day coming up this weekend.


You’ll need beans, of course, 4 different types to be precise – Butter beans, Red Kidney beans, Baked beans and Green beans. You can buy all of these in tins for maximum ease but I like using fresh Green beans for a little added crunchiness. 

Canned beans for 4 bean salad -


Not too big, not too small, you want to chop up your onions, green pepper (and those green beans if you’ve chosen to use fresh ones) to juuust the right size, don’t worry about it too much roughly sliced and diced will do just fine.

Green beans and green pepper for 4 bean salad -
Chopped onion for bean salad -


You want to drain your tinned beans, yes that means the Baked beans too, I usually use a sieve to do this before placing all of my beans and chopped ingredients into a large bowl. Just look at those pretty colours!

Four beans salad separates -


Combine the dressing ingredients (in no particular order) in a small bowl. WARNING: This concoction really doesn’t look appealing – also don’t panic when the sugar doesn’t completely dissolve. Pour the dressing into the salad and give everything a good mix before covering and refrigerating overnight (or for a couple of nights). If you feel like it you can give the salad a stir every now and then when you open the fridge, but only if you feel like it. 

4 Bean Salad -


Some sort of magic happens overnight and you’ll wake up to find a flavorsome salad drenched in goodness in place of the dubious looking one you made the day before. Sure, it still isn’t what you’d call a pretty dish, but I dare you to have a sneaky spoonful and not want more. 

4-Bean Salad
Serves 8
A colourful, tasty salad perfect for large gatherings and made in just a few easy steps.
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Prep Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
  1. 2 Medium Onions
  2. 1 Big Green Pepper
  3. 1 tin Green Beans (or 400g fresh Green Beans)
  4. 1 tin Butter Beans
  5. 1 tin Red Kidney Beans
  6. 1 tin Baked Beans
For the dressing
  1. 1/2 cup Sugar
  2. 1/4 cup Oil
  3. 1/2 cup Vinegar
  4. 1 tsp Dry Mustard
  5. 2 tsp Sweet Basil
  1. Chop the onions, green pepper and green beans (if using fresh) to desired sizes
  2. Drain all tinned beans (I use a sieve to do this)
  3. Combine all dressing ingredients in a small bowl
  4. Place all ingredients in a large bowl and give the salad a good mix
  5. Cover and refrigerate overnight or for a couple of nights before serving
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